Rhapsody Spa - at Delton Grand Resort & Spa - Wisconsin Dells WI
  Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage using firm, yet gentle rhythmic strokes to ease sore muscles, increase circulation and improve your sense of overall well-being.

50 Minutes $110 - 80 Minutes $160

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
Release muscle adhesions and sore, achy muscles with attention to trigger points and myofacial release.

50 Minutes $130 -  80 Minutes $180

Mother-to-be Massage

(2nd Trimester and above) A gentle, soothing and nurturing massage offering relief for the stresses, aches and swelling associated with pregnancy.

50 Minutes $110  -  80 Minutes $160

Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate relaxing massage, using smooth basalt river rocks that penetrate heat deep into the muscles, dissolving tension and rejuvenating your whole being.

50 Minutes $130  -  80 Minutes $180

Cold Stone Massage

A soothing and revitalizing massage using cool stones on specific areas of the body. Perfect for relieving migraines, inflammation and achy joints.

50 Minutes $130

Couples Massage

Enjoy an intimate blending of your spirits as you receive two luxurious massages side by side in the same room. The ideal gift for one another!

50 Minutes $220 - 80 Minutes $320

Hand-Foot-Head Massage

A great way to relax and revitalize, relieving tension in the whole system through massaging the pressure points in the hands, feet and head.

50 Minutes $110

Herbal / Lavender Wrap

Ease away stress and moisturize dry skin while you are wrapped in warm towels soaked in cleansing herbs or lavender essential oil and your head and feet are massaged. Add on a full-body massage for the ultimate pampering experience!

25 Minutes $85

Ionic Detox Footbath

A gently cleansing and rejuvenating experience, perfect to combine with a reflexology session.

With hand and head massage: 25 Minutes $60

Pressure points in the hands and feet are massaged, releasing stress and balancing the body's natural energy rhythms. A highly restorative experience!

25 Minutes (hand or foot) $60
50 Minutes (hand and foot) $110

Optional Add-on Services

Aromatherapy for any service:  Add $15

Cabana Massages 50 Minutes $110

Cabana Couples Massage 50 Minutes $220

Express Massage (Performed in a chair)15 Minutes$30

Foot and Leg Scrub 25 Minutes $60

Poolside services available - inquire at the Spa.